Myoko Web Resources

Myoko Web Resources

Need some information for your Myoko business website? All of the following Myoko Web Resources are free to use.

Ski Resort Conditions

Let your guests know what conditions are like around the resorts along with links to resort info. The table and report are usually updated every day during the season.

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Myoko Car Rentals

With the shuttles getting so expensive, renting a car is now a viable option. Where do guests start? Embed this booking engine into your ‘Access’ information.

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Local Ski Resorts

This map covers all ski resorts / major train stations in the region. Useful for guests/clients to know exactly how far you are from different resorts.

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Get TripAdvisor reviews

Myoko Web ResourcesTrip Advisor reviews can have a big influence on guest decisions.

First, you need to make an account and listing on Trip Advisor. Does your business already exist? You can request to claim it.

Next, add a widget to your website. Or, if your site is WP based, you can use a plugin.

Finally use Review Express to request reviews from previous guests/clients.

More to come soon

We’ll add more Myoko web resources for you as we get time.

Not sure how to use the resources? Hit us up and we can hopefully help make some suggestions and/or alterations to get it all bedded down.

Would like some feature for your website but not sure where to find it? Ask us – we might be able to help.

Myoko Web Resources

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