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Joetsu-Myoko Onsen

A Japan Onsen Guide

Joetsu-Myoko onsen
Enjoy a stay and long soak in a Joetsu-Myoko onsen hotspring

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Myoko Onsen

A Niigata Onsen Guide

Natural onsen (natural hot springs) are the place to unwind and Myoko onsen are one of the area’s true treasures. People come from all around Japan (and the world!) to visit and bathe in Myoko. The many Japan onsen located in and around the base of Mt. Myoko are renowned for their charm. Some of these are public or community run institutions whilst others can be found in your Myoko accommodation or dedicated private onsen facilities. After a day of enjoying skiing, trekking or just enjoying Myoko’s magnificent natural setting, visitors can wind down with a long, relaxing soak in one of the many Myoko onsen available. Enjoy!

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Joetsu Onsen

A Niigata Onsen Guide

A must do activity when visiting Joetsu is a natural Japan onsen (hotsprings). Scattered right across Joetsu City many local onsen belong to ryokan (traditional Japanese inns), some are community-run local hot spring houses, whilst others are public bathhouses. Hot spring baths come in different varieties from baths made of rocks and cypress wood, to tiny city sento bathhouses. The best baths are outside (called rotemburo) and nothing could be more relaxing than feeling the fresh air on your face, the mineral water on your skin while you soak up the many views of Joetsu – open skies, rivers, mountains, sea and sunsets. For many, Joetsu onsen in Japan are the thing they miss most when they return home.

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joetsu-myoko onsen arai
Outdoor onsen at Lotte Arai Resort


Apart from the many onsen packages available above we focus on local mountain onsen (hot springs) in Niigata and Nagano such as Myoko Onsen, Akakura Onsen, Suginosawa Onsen, Ikenotaira Onsen, Tsubame Onsen, Seki Onsen, Madarao, Iiyama and many more. Jigoku-dani valley between Mt. Myoko and Mt. Mae is the rich source of the local onsen hot springs. In Myoko-Kogen the water is taken from Jigoku-dani Valley and provided to the eight spa areas of Myoko-onsen: Akakura, Shin-Akakura, Ikenodaira, Suginosawa, Myoko, Seki, Tsubame and Matsugamine (info from japan-onsen.com).

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